Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally out! And so far, fans are… disappointed.  The general consensus is that Game Freak overworked their team to put the game out on time, which has had consequences ranging from not having the full National Pokedex to bugs such as corrupted autosaves potentially wiping your Switch’s whole SD card and… climbing ladders makes overworld animations freeze.  

But this isn’t a game journalism site, this is a food site.  So I’m not here to talk about any of that.

I’m here to talk about the Curry Dex.  

A new introduction to the Pokemon franchise, the Curry Dex indexes all of the recipes and ingredients for making curry in the new Pokemon Camp minigame.  The curry minigame can also have up to four players, which seems hilarious to me as I can easily see someone crashing someone else’s campground and throwing whatever random garbage they want in the curry.

Curry is a complicated matter.  While just about everyone agrees that it originated in India, the dish has spread to just about every other country in Asia, with each putting their own spin on it.  

For the sake of this article, I’ll mostly be framing my assessments around Japanese-style curries, because… ya know, Nintendo, and English-stlye curries, since the Galar region obviously draws a lot of inspiration from the UK… 

Is there an Indian-inspired region we don’t know about that got colonized by Galar? I need answers, Nintendo.

Regardless, while there may be no one right way to make a curry, there definitely are wrong ways, so let’s see if we can find them.

(Also, this list is incomplete and based solely on what I could find from snooping around the internet.  I don’t have Sword or Shield yet, and as far as I can tell no one who does have it shares my dedication to the curry craft.  Maybe in a month or so I’ll update this… Maybe not, as I’m assuming a lot of the recipes in between are just different combos of bitter/sweet/spicy + add-in.)

No. 001: Curry

Uhh… Yeah, it’s curry.  5/10 because I really have nothing to go by here.

No. 002: Spicy Curry

I’m not saying curry has to be spicy, but I generally prefer it to be.  Especially if we’re talking about English-style curry, which, let’s face it, doesn’t have as much nuance to it. 7/10

Bitter Curry

Considering any search for “bitter curry” online results in how to fix a bitter curry, I’m guessing you unlock this curry by fucking up.  I can appreciate bitter foods, but there needs to be other components to contrast with the bitterness. 3/10

Sour Curry

Seems like it was probably inspired by Kaeng Som, a Thai curry flavored heavily with tamarind.  I’ve never had it, but it sounds good. 6/10

No. 007: Sausage Curry

In case you were worried that entry 007 wouldn’t be a tongue-in-cheek Anglicanism, putting sausage in curry is about as English as it gets. Suspiciously, the dev team has refused to disclose what these sausages are actually made of.  So, ya know, they’re just like real sausages. 007/10 I guess.

No. 008: Spicy Sausage Curry

Again, making it spicy can’t hurt.  8/10

Sour Sausage Curry

While there’s plenty of appropriate ways to combine sour and meat, I really don’t think sausage is the best way to go about it.  Maybe it’s the concept of sausage being just random scraps of who knows what, maybe it’s the fact that most of the curry ingredients in-game are found out in the open of the Wild Area.  Kids, why would you bring that rotten meat in here of all places? 2/10

Spicy Bean Medley Curry

Wh… What kind of beans?  The only kinds of beans I’m familiar with being in curries are garbanzo beans, but the English influence in Galarian cuisine makes me think it’s a can of baked beans (EDIT: confirmed, one of the ingredients is “Tin of Beans”).  Not even making it spicy can save it this time. 3/10

Bitter Bean Medley Curry

Ah, nevermind.  The beans is coffee. 2/10

No. 031: Toast Curry

Sure, putting curry inside bread is a thing (karē pan), but putting bread in curry? Wild. 7/10 

No. 034: Sweet Toast Curry

I’m guessing it’s the same as regular toast curry, but they put jam on the toast first.  6/10

Dry Pasta Curry

I can’t figure out what kind of pasta this is supposed to be. Japanese udon? Vietnamese rice noodles?  Is it Italian-style pasta that seems to be popular with curry in “Western” restaurants in South Korea? 6/10 assuming it’s udon

No. 038: Spicy Pasta Curry


No. 043: Mushroom Medley Curry

I’m gonna do my best here not to focus on how much I hate mushrooms.  I’ll BS something about their umami characteristics playing off the spices of the curry 6/10

No. 047: Bitter Mushroom Medley Curry

I know I said the bitterness would have its time to shine, but I don’t think this is it. 4/10

No. 064: Sweet Apple Curry

Apple curry is apparently a regional delicacy in both Sri Lanka and the Nagano and Aomori Prefectures of Japan.  7/10

No. 068: Spicy Bone Curry

Ah, this is some of that bone broth bullshit, isn’t it.  As long as you’re not telling me to drink this curry instead of coffee, I’m sure it’s fine. 6/10

No. 071 Bitter Bone Curry

Yeah, I’d be bitter too if someone made curry out of my bones. 6/10

No. 074: Spicy Plenty-of-Potato Curry

Potatoes! Yes! Spicy! Yes! 10/10

No. 079: Herb Medley Curry

Not really sure what the ‘herb melody’ consists of, most herbs would probably get lost in the more assertive spices of the curry (Edit: the secret ingredient for this one is Pungent Root, which looks a lot like wasabi… Not technically an herb but ok) 6/10

No. 082: Sweet Herb Medley Curry

I’m starting to think that the sweet curries might be Thai-style with coconut milk, in which case hell yeah, lay the cilantro and basil on, babey.  8/10 (7/10 if it’s the wasabi theory, not sure how that would play into it.)

No. 086: Spicy Salad Curry

… Salad? Salad…. Salad??  1/10

No. 090: Sour Salad Curry


No. 091:  Fried-Food Curry

As vague as “fried food” is, I’m guessing this is probably based on tonkatsu, another popular Japanese curry topping.  Or maybe it’s Galarian fish n’ chips (Magikarp n’ chips?), who knows. 6/10, for being vague.

No. 092: Spicy Fried-Food Curry

The fattiness of the fried… thing with the spiciness? Match made in whatever the Pokemon equivalent of heaven is. 9/10

Sweet Fried-Food Curry

I’m revisiting my coconut milk theory, and assuming that this isn’t a curry with a donut in it. Both would be 7/10.

No. 115: Seasoned Curry

… Were the curries up to this point not seasoned?  Or is this one just like, extra curry powder or something.  6/10?

No. 116: Spicy Seasoned Curry

I’m gonna say this is the one time where making it spicy isn’t inherently going to make it better. Unless chainsmoking is common in Galar, in which case your taste buds are shot anyway. 5/10 

No. 117: Dry Seasoned Curry

They mean dry as in not sweet, right? I really hope that’s the case, and not, like, a pile of curry powder. 5/10

No. 122: Spicy Whipped Cream Curry

Wait, no, this is the one time that making it spicy doesn’t make it better. Why. Why is there whipped cream in it 1/10

No. 130: Sweet Decorative Curry

Can I even rate this one based on taste? Because I don’t think that’s really the point here. Kawaii/10 

No. 139: Instant-Noodle Curry

Sounds like something I would have made in college. 4/10

No. 140: Spicy Instant-Noodle Curry

Ok, this is something I would have made in college, aka drowning in sriracha.  5/10

No. 145: Burger-Steak Curry

It seems kinda shady to make curry with beef- Tauros?- when the originators of the dish would consider it sacrilege.  Shame on you, Galarian colonists. You could have at least not used a precooked burger patty, that’s just gross anyway, appropriation or not. 3/10

Why do these Pokemon articles end up being so long?

3 thoughts on “Every (Known) Entry in Pokemon’s Sword and Shield’s Curry Dex, Rated

  1. RJG says:

    Some context from playing the game a bit —

    The curry-making involves picking a main jngredient (max 1) and then a bunch of berries (1-8 or maybe it’s 10).

    What berries you choose determine the spice level… as you go through the list the descriptions indicate how the product might turn out.

    1. Riley Johnson says:

      So… which one is the salad berry?

      1. RJG says:

        Betting on the Salac berry

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