Chocolate and peanut butter. Milk and cookies. Fondant and beans.  Some food pairings just make sense together.  But there is one classic pairing that has reigned supreme for thousands of years (or at least as long as people have been accidentally fermenting their grapes and curdling their milk): wine and cheese.  

So naturally Cheez-It would want to get all up on this.  

When we last heard from Cheez-It, they had partnered with Pizza Hut to create a Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza that was… a thing that existed.  Now, for what some are calling the most ambitious crossover event in the history of the Cheez-It Cinematic Universe (It’s me, I’m calling it that.), they are partnering with House Wine to provide the crackers and wine, all in one box. 

Perfect for the guy who made himself a boyfriend out of boxed wine (as if such a boyfriend wasn’t already a snacc lmao) 

Ok, so this apparently isn’t that new of a concept- they did this last year for National Wine and Cheese Day with original Cheez-Its and House Wine’s red blend.   This year, they upped the ante with a pairing of white cheddar Cheez-Its and rosé. 

For those of us who were unable to get our hands on one of these magnificent boxes before they sold out, House Wine also suggests these pairings: 

Boxed wine, apparently, is making a resurgence during the pandemic, with sales up over 50%.  Alcohol sales in general are up around 20% due to everyone trying to drink their problems away “””in these unprecedented times.”””  Furthermore, experts are saying that the box is simply more convenient to carry and more bang for your buck in times where people should be making fewer trips to the grocery store.  While I’m sure this is all true, I also think that it’s possible that with everything else going on, people are beginning to forgo wine snobbery.  The world is ending, folks,  who cares what kind of container your wine comes in?  I don’t know if snack food snobbery is also a thing (I mean, it has to be), but we could probably stand to lose that too.

Just don’t try to consume it all in one sitting- it’s about 3 bottles of wine, and the 20 servings of Cheez-Its held within contain about 200% your daily allowance of sodium and saturated fat.  Or do, if you’re not a coward.

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