I was all set to write about the Travis Scott meal this week, but it turns out there’s a much juicier McDonald’s-related topic making headlines this week. (Which is a good thing for me, because I don’t really know anything about the sicko mode guy). 

In an ad campaign to coincide with this year’s Helsinki Pride Week (postponed from June due to the pandemic), the King of Burgers has become the King of Romance as he plants one on his disgraced former rival, Ronald McDonald.  

Some were quick to point out that we shouldn’t be handing out woke points to companies whose entire business model is to exploit customers who are too poor to buy anything else and workers with nowhere else to turn, just because their mascots made out.  On a similar note, queer representation in media has come leaps and bounds in the past decade, and that the LGBT community shouldn’t have to stoop to a shallow, empty gesture like this.

 On the other hand, this is exactly what we need. 

With all the hatred and bigotry that is running amok at the moment (especially with homophobia on the rise in parts of Europe), it’s easy to let the negativity consume you.  The message of “Love Conquers All” is one that we need right now.  And what better way to show the world that love can bloom, even on the battlefield, than to have two long-standing rivals cast aside their petty differences, and explore their inner selves, and also the insides of each others’ mouths? 

So kudos to you, Burger King of Finland.  Maybe someday, the U.S. will be able to join you on your plateau of enlightenment.   

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