If you’re as terminally online as I am, you’ve probably seen some of these bizarre, AI-generated images that look like they just fell out of a computer’s worst nightmare.  Sure, NeuralBlender Dot Com isn’t the first Eldritch horror generator to hit the web in recent years.  However, most older ones required either uploading an image or drawing in a window- both resulting in images that could then be distorted in fairly predictable ways.  

But with NeuralBlender? You can take any string of words- regardless of whether or not it’s a thing that previously existed or has been depicted in pictures somehow- and it will crank out… something.  Some keywords work better than others, and, obviously, if you’re looking to make something cursed, cursed keywords are best (some that I really enjoy are “creepy and wet [mundane noun]” and “bloodborne [mundane noun].” Unlike AI of yesteryear, this one doesn’t typically add eyes into pictures where they usually shouldn’t be (only when you ask it to), but still manages to make each picture somewhat unsettling in its own way.  If nothing else, even its most normal offerings have an ethereal, dreaminess to them that’s just present enough to remind you that nothing you’re seeing is actually real. 

In my never-ending quest to take whatever the hot not-at-all-related-to-food meme of the week is and find a way to talk about it here, I’ve decided to plug descriptions of some of my favorite food memes in and see what the algorithms give me.  

Maybe it’s because the point of art is to interpret it for yourself, to feel your own emotions without someone informing you what to feel.  Maybe it’s because explaining the joke doesn’t make it funny anymore.  Maybe it’s because I’m burnt out.  Either way, I’m choosing not to caption these.  No more words from here on out.  Let’s just be alone with our thoughts, just as I will be left alone with the weight of what I’ve done here.  

2 thoughts on “The Best Food Memes- Chewed Up and Spit Out by NeuralBlender

  1. RJG says:

    I cannot tell if the 2nd to last one is “suitable for work” or NSFW or what

    1. Riley Johnson says:

      yeah, I fought with myself for a while re: whether to include that one or not.
      understandably, leaving the “milf” part out of the prompt generates relatively normal bowls of rice

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