In the latest drinkable news, 90s alt-rock band- that apparently is still making music- Foo Fighters has teamed up with Coors to create a “spiritually-enhanced” beer that they claim can be used to keep demons at bay.  The appropriately-christened “Coors Almighty Light” is brewed with water that has been blessed by a non-denominational priest, giving it holy abilities that will “shield your soul with every sip.”  And unlike last week’s Dr, Pepper rewards-points-based giveaway, this was available as part of a good-ol’-fashioned, no-purchase-necessary sweepstakes that ended on the 25th 

Admittedly, the Foo Fighters aren’t a band I’ve paid much attention to in the past 10 years or so.  Did they all become born-again Christians?   Are they gonna change their name to Demon Fighters?  Is Dave Grohl, the man who was literally Satan in the Tenacious D movie, turning his back on demon-kind?  Does a “non-denominational” priest have any real authority to make holy water?  Why Coors Light?

Wait, it’s a promotional stunt for their new horror/comedy movie, Studio 666?……right, I knew that…

Ok so the premise behind the movie is that they rented a supposedly-haunted house to all live in together while recording their last album, so they decided “let’s make a movie about that, but make the house actually haunted.”  That may eliminate most of the previously posited questions, but… does a priest not belonging to any particular sect have the authority to make actual holy water?

As you can probably guess, googling anything regarding religion quickly turns into a hot mess.  My initial dismissal of non-denominational churches aside, the most useful information along this line seems to be that, in a pinch, anyone can make holy water.  Fighting off demons, movie-based or otherwise, seems to count as “in a pinch.”  However, this also opened up a rabbit hole about how drinking holy water doesn’t really do anything, and that it’s best to sprinkle it with a flick of your fingers in a cross-shaped motion onto the object or person you wish to bless.  Apparently, there was also a point in the 13th Century where the Catholic Church had to make a point of saying that you cannot be baptized with beer, but, again, we’re going non-denominational here, so the Vatican isn’t exactly an absolute authority on the topic.

I guess the only remaining question is… does Coors Light play any part in the movie?  idk, the movie is out now, but I’m probably not gonna see it.  Again, I haven’t really cared about the Foo Fighters that much since high school, demon-proof beer or not.   

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