Food can be weird sometimes.  The Internet can be even weirder. And when you combine them? Well…

Food Bytes Back is dedicated to the millennial perspective on anything food related- from analysis of food systems to whatever the hottest meme on Twitter is right now.

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What’s with your tone?

Ok, yes, some articles are super serious, and some are just plain goofy. Some are tongue-in-cheekily somewhere in the middle.  Isn’t that part of the human condition? No one is 100% one extreme or the other 100% of the time. We’re going to treat more serious topics with the respect they deserve.  But, for the most part, this site is being run for the fun of it, so we’re going to joke around when appropriate. And who ever said jokes can’t make you think? 

About the Author

Riley Johnson is a graduate of Paul Smith’s College’s culinary arts program and has been in the restaurant industry long enough to think the has thoughts about how it all works.  This, combined with a millennial, neo-Dadaist sense of humor make for some weird articles sometimes. He’s doing his best.